For as long as there have been investments, there have been investor roadshows.  An investor roadshow brings investors and investments together and enables management to present the company story in a comprehensive, transparent, and hopefully persuasive way to attract new, and maintain existing, investment. While audio webinars and video webcasts have been used for some time to maximize the reach of a live roadshow or investor presentation, the presentation platforms behind them are usually heavy on technology and light on viewer friendliness.  As a rule only the most committed viewers can manage to struggle through from start to finish of a typical webinar or webcast presentation.  Until now, effective investor roadshows online were unavailable.  Not anymore.

INV Stocktalk – Investor Roadshows Online – addresses the need and the opportunity to provide high-quality, viewer-friendly online investor roadshows that investors anywhere – professional and retail – can watch to learn more about potential investments they are considering adding to, or currently hold in, their portfolio. INV Stocktalk grew out of our founder’s experience in organizing and conducting actual investor roadshows for public companies for a number of years.  That experience has been applied to the development of a unique, interactive, two-screen presentation format that provides IR professionals with an investor communication tool that replicates – online – the experience of watching a live investor road show.

INV Stocktalk Investor roadshows online brochure
Check out our INV Stocktalk Online Brochure here. (Our Stocktalk presentation script is currently in devleopment. It will be available soon.)

The INV Stocktalk presentation format and program includes a range of features to make the IR Professional’s job more effective,  while enabling investors to learn about a company, its management, and its vision for its future more easily:

  • A big screen-filling interface provides investors with an interactive ring-side seat to watch the latest investor roadshow on the screen of their computer or phone.
  • A full suite of sharing tools lets you share your investor road show online with any investor anywhere, anytime within 24 hours of delivering your investor roadshow to any live audience:
    • Embed it on a page of your own website (not just link to a third party site) then feature an image link to it prominently on the front page of your website.
    • Send it out in an individual email to any professional investor who might have missed your last road show presentation for reason of scheduling, geography, budget, etc.
    • Send it out in an individual email to any retail investor who you think might benefit from seeing management present your company story.  If you believe in the effectiveness of your live road show to convince professional investors, then you have to believe your investor roadshow online will be equally effective in presenting your story to retail investors.
    • Send it out in a broadcast email to your email distribution list, whether its professional or retail investors.  You can’t see all your professional network on every road show, but you can keep them up to date on your latest, wherever and whenever it, by having your latest investor road show online prominently placed on the front page of your website so any investor can access it at anytime.
    • Post it to social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Feature it on your YouTube channel – Talk-Decks make great online videos, though you do lose the precise interactivity of an actual Stocktalk.
  • Our investor communications hub – INV – features investor roadshows online from North America’s Public Companies
  • Our comprehensive distribution program and partner network shares your investor roadshow with professional and retail investors you never thought you could reach.

Here’s a couple of INV Stocktalk presentations in use:

GoGold Resources – A Stocktalk recorded at the Denver Gold Forum and embedded on the GoGold Resources website at They feature it, along with another Stocktalk recorded at the Precious Metals Summit, on the front page of their website at
Globex Mining Resources – a Stocktalk recorded at an Investor Luncheon organized by our distribution partner the Richmond Club and featured on INV Stocktalk –

INV Stocktalk is a unique and innovative investor communication tool that helps Investor Relations professionals exponentially increase the reach and maximize the impact of their existing investor road show program.  It won’t replace it – a live roadshow presentation is by necessity the source content for putting your investor roadshow online – but an INV Stocktalk provides a powerful and persuasive online complement to any existing road show program, one that enables an IR Professional at a moment’s notice to present their investor road show online to any investor – professional or retail – anywhere, anytime.  In today’s online world, one in which retail investors are playing an increasingly important part, we think that’s an investor communication idea whose time has come.

Some frequently asked questions about the INV Stocktalk Investor Communication Program

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Interested in some information about putting your company’s investor roadshow online? Email us at or call us at 438-922-5933.

INV Stocktalk – Investor Roadshows Online. An idea whose time has come.