Be part of an Online Investment Conference featuring investor roadshows online from North America’s leading Cannabis stocks.

Live investor roadshows and conferences are a great way to present your company story to investors, but they can be expensive.  Here’s an alternative: INV Stocktalk’s Cannabis Online Investment Conference will present your investor roadshow online to investors around the world for the next six months for much less. For more information, download our brochure here or click on the icon to the right.

INV Stocktalk’s Cannabis Online Investment Conference will feature investor roadshows online from North America’s leading Cannabis stocks, presentations usually seen only by selected professional investors. Now investors everywhere, professional and retail, can make informed investment decisions by hearing and seeing management talk about the company and their vision for its future.

To have your company participate in the Cannabis Online Investment Conference, call Peter Norman at 438 922 5933 or email and we’ll give you all the details.

Here’s a sample of how your online investor roadshow will look.  This is a presentation done for Aphria that we like to believe was instrumental in powering them to a market cap of $5B (your results may vary).

Aphria Richmond Club Presentation, May 2017. Simply click on the image link which will take you to the Aphria presentation page on INV Stocktalk, click once more on the ‘Play Video’ arrow, then sit back and watch as Aphria’s CEO demonstrates how Aphria began the climb to reach a market cap of $4B. The Talk-Deck online presentation platform recreates the experience of watching an investor roadshow live!


Here’s more information ….

Cannabis Online Investment Conference Presentations go online starting July 12, then stay online for the next six months. It’s a great opportunity to present your company story to thousands of new investors in partnership with a group of similar companies from the Cannabis sector.

There are about 200 credible Cannabis companies with market caps over 5M out there and we’re inviting only the good ones to participate in the Cannabis Online Investment Conference.  We’re very pleased with the response and figure we’re going to have from 25 to 50 companies presenting online at the Conference.  We’d like to invite your company to join our group.

We’re confident we’re going to get thousands of online investors checking out our company presentations and here’s why. The Cannabis Conference came about because while most of the presentations we’ve done over the last couple of years for our client the Richmond Club ( and our Online Investor Hub INV Stocktalk ( have been for the junior mining sector, a couple of them were from Cannabis companies.  After analyzing the presentation viewing statistics, we noted a disproportionately large viewership for the Cannabis presentations and we realized there was a big opportunity to bring public Cannabis companies and online investors together for a Cannabis Virtual Investment Conference.

Cannabis stocks have been on a tear over the last year and investors are hungry for actionable investment information. Our goal is to provide them with the information they’re looking for.  Our state-of-the-art online presentation platform recreates for investors the experience of watching a live investor road show, just like the roadshows shown to professional investors, and lets you deliver your company message – direct and unfiltered – to investors everywhere.

We’ll be recording and creating online investor roadshow presentations throughout June, and then on July 12, we’ll release all presentations online, and leave them online for the next six months.

Creating a presentation is easy – simply present your investor roadshow once while we (or you) record it on video.  We can do it on Skype, which makes things really easy, or you can record your own video presentation using a cellphone camera, or even get a professional cameraperson to do it for you if you want.  It’s a very simple video shoot – a talking head is all that’s required.  When the recording is finished, send us the raw video footage and we’ll do any editing necessary.

The Conference participation fee of $1,000 includes:

  • creation of a high-quality, two-screen, interactive online presentation that you can use to share your online roadshow with any investor anywhere anytime, on your own website, by individual or broadcast email, social media
  • online listing of your presentation on the Conference website for the next six months
  • YouTube video of your presentation
  • viewing statistics through your own presentation control panel providing daily emailed statistics on who is watching your presentation, from where, and WHAT PARTS of the presentation they’re watching

The Cannabis Online Investment Conference is a great way to present your company story, just like you present it live, to thousands of new investors over the next six months.  We look forward to having your company participate.  For more information, see attached email brochure. Then let’s talk further about having your company present YOUR online investor roadshow at the Cannabis Virtual Investment Conference.

For more information please contact Peter Norman, T: 433.922.5933 or E:

Peter Norman
Co-Founder + Online Investor Roadshow Advocate

INV Stocktalk – presenting the Cannabis Online Investment Conference


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